Matthew Jordan Storm

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Author of Historical Fiction Set In Late Antiquity

Matthew Jordan Storm is an author of historical fiction set in the Roman Empire. Since an early age, Mr. Storm has been captivated by the greatest and consequential of forgotten empires, known variously as Byzantium, the Eastern Empire, or the “other” Rome, and that passion informs his novels. His books are set in this lost world that persisted for one thousand years after the Western Empire fell, and they pay homage to its heroes. Mr. Storm lives in Miami Beach, FL, with his wife, three children, and two dogs, Sumo and Pepe.

His most recent series is HERACLIUS OF CARTHAGE, set in the 7th century Roman Empire. This two book series takes us from Heraclius' origins to his coronation, in THE EXARCH'S SON, and in the recently published THE EMPEROR, we follow Heraclius in a fight for the Empire's survival against the three most fearsome enemies Rome had ever faced: the Black Plague, the Persian Empire and the Avar hordes.

Mr. Storm also publishes a podcast, LOST ROMAN HEROES, where he and his son Matteo Storm review the greatest of Roman heroes, and heroines, from Aeneas of Troy - the original Roman hero - to Constantinople XI, the last Roman Emperor. The podcast is available on Apple iTunes or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.